Book Cover Ground is another name for our primordial state of being. It is a state of pure inner wisdom and clarity. To abide in ground is to dwell beyond the constructs of conventional reality.

Deconditioning Ground is the process of removing the dysfunctional automatic reactions that prevent the continuous enjoyment of resting in ground.

When you read Deconditioning Ground, you will
  • Get a unique perspective on how to deal with everyday crises like broken teeth and gray hair.
  • Find practical tools for creating more ease and getting rid of worn-out habitual responses.
  • Discover how your automatic reactions may keep you from a happy relationship.
  • Be inspired and uplifted by stories of transformation.

Dorena Rode demonstrates in this engaging collection of personal stories how eliminating habitual reactions to situations can create more ease and joy in life. With a desire to create more meaningful relationships and invigorating work she goes deep within to find the habitual mental processes that keep her locked into an unconscious way of living. The reader is invited to garner ideas and apply similar methods to their own life in order to create the life of their dreams.

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